SBM Multi Range

12ft 3,25lb

We are proud to announce our Limited Edition SBM Multirange!

Built on 40ton 1k Nano resin slim blanks, 12ft 3 1/4lb Testcurve and fast tapered for lightening tip speed recovery, and lightness in the whole rod.

Core Testing has produced casts over 180yards, although these rods are aimed at the typical Swedish angling style, fishing from boat or land with ranges from under the rod tip to as far as you can row or cast!

A fantastic casting tool but most importantly one of the nicest rods you will ever have the pleasure of fighting a fish on!

Our design has been kept minimal, we wanted a “Tool” for doing the job!

Slim EVA or Cork options, all with DPS 18mm seats and black fittings, giving that clean look we all like when sat behind the rods.

Non ceramic 50mm Minima guides and with an all important Anti wrap, 16mm Nano-lite tip to take the pain when playing hard fighting carp!

Feel free to ask any questions, and even a try before you buy option upon request in Sweden only.

10995 kr for a three set of EVA

10995 kr for a three set of Cork

Please contact SBM for a price of 4 rods or more.


Free shipping on rods in Europe.

10 kg free 20 mm FP when pick up in Halmstad/Laholm.

SBM Multi Range Rod
SBM Multi Range Rod
SBM Multi Range 12ft 3,25lb
SBM Multi Range 12ft 3,25lb