Team SBM


SBM’s consultants are the people making the changes,
we listen and create new ideas together,
and are allways staying ahead!

Henrik Berntsson

Jörgen Lind

Håkan Olsen

Sam Wyatt


The driving force of the mechanics!
These guys fish a lot and put every item to the test.
If it isn’t good enough for them – it’s not good!

Name: Daniel Kangas
Hometown: Kista, Stockholm
Swedish pb : 15,2 kg mirror 14,3 kg common
Foreign pb : 15 kg mirror
Occupation: Application specialist

Daniel Kangas

Name: Daniel Petersson
Hometown: Stockholm
Swedish pb : 12,7 kg mirror
Foreign pb : 37,5 kg mirror
Occupation: Self employed

Daniel Petersson

Name: Erik Petersson
Hometown: Kalmar
Swedish pb : 13,63 kg
Foreign pb : 19,43 kg
Occupation: Responsible of the Fishing at Baltic Skeppsfournering

Erik Petersson

Name: Robert Martinsson
Hometown: Stockholm
Swedish pb : 15,50kg
Foreign pb : 20,20kg
Occupation: Tackle shop manager Söder Sportfiske

Robert Martinsson

Name: Dejan Milosevic
Hometown: Kalmar
Swedish pb : 24,52 kg
Foreign pb : 14,1 kg
Occupation: Angling Consultant

Dejan Milosevic

Name: Jonas Jonsson
Hometown: Aneboda
Swedish pb : 17,6 kg
Foreign pb : 24,1 kg
Occupation: Fishfarmer

Jonas Jonsson

Name: Mark Harrington
Hometown: Surrey
U.K. Pb: 41l lb
Foreign pb: 45 lb
Occupation: Self employed

Mark Harrington

Name: Luke Pursey
Hometown: Street Somerset
English pb. 26.8 mirror 30.4 common
Foreign pb. 39.4 miror 41.12 common
Occupation: Timber mill journeyman and forklift driver

Luke Pursey

Name: Simon Grindhage
Hometown: Olofström
Swedish pb: 14,97 kg
Foreign pb: 22,48 kg
Occupation: Forklift Driver

Simon Grindhage

Name: Hans Debrandare
Hometown: Kuurne, Belgium
Belgian pb: 18.9kg
Foreign pb: 27.7kg

Hans Debrandare

Name: Christoffer Blomquist
Hometown: Kungsängen, Stockholm
Swedish pb : 15,06kg mirror 12,27kg common
Foreign pb : 39lb mirror 23lb common
Occupation: SBM Bait roller

Christoffer Blomquist

Name: Christian Mangs
Hometown: Solna, Stockholm
Swedish pb : 16,07 kg
Foreign pb : 15 kg
Occupation: Scania technician

Christian Mangs