About SBM


The Swedish Bait Mechanics started in 2009 with a very different outlook, to provide high quality bait and to give something back to the fishing!

Swedish Bait Mechanics was created when the lack of HNV baits in the market was realised, to create something different from the crowd that focus on profit, and instead build a company based solely on true quality.

Today SBM is run by three like minded, bait orientated carp anglers who run SBM in there spare time and still keep the main ethos alive of SBM, to make the best baits possible with no comprimise.
With 60 years combined bait making experience there is no doubt that we have the best Team to take SBM baits ahead and stay true to what we believe in.


Do we just roll boilies ..? NO!

Fresh produce

We source the best ingredients from the freshest batches to keep our baits just that, fresh and as nutrionally rich as possible.


After long test periods will we declare a bait ready for you, when you purchase a SBM product its 100% a proven fish catching bait

Stay small, think big!

SBM is not a multi partner or conglomerate owned bait company, its family owned. We don’t need to be big, make higher margins or try to take over the world! Anglers that use SBM understand carp fishing.

Money where it matters

Flashy packaging is to catch the angler, not the fish. We use simple packaging and invest more to what is in the bag… the bait!
All SBM packaging is made from recycled materials

Made in Sweden

Freshly rolled, Fresh delivered, fresh thinking! We know from years of fishing that a ready made bait over time does not ever compare to a fresh bait. People argue the fact but they often own small freezers or no air dry bags!

Nothing less than PERFECT!

A SBM boilie is balanced. Balanced breakdown with dietary needs fulfilled and does not include unnecessary amounts of placebo ingredients. A SBM boilie works year in year out, not a one hit wonder.