Bait Deals

SBM Direct deals


Now you have the ability to buy direct from Sbm, with one of our bait deal offers, these will be updated and notified on social media, focusing on special limited batches of “specials” and “secrets!”

All other products are available from all leading SBM retailers.

Fluoro Popups Deal

1 x Stockholm Special
1 x OJ Fluoro
1 x Skwids
1 x Washed out SL2
1 x White Secret
1 x Red secret

Choose between 15 & 18mm
Free shipping

SBM superdeal
599 sek

(Save 144 sek – Normal price incl. shipping: 743 sek)

Dip Deal – 1 liter

2 x 500 ml

Choose between:

SBM superdeal
599 sek

(Save 246 sek – Normal price incl. shipping: 845 sek)

25 kg Bait Deal

Choose between:
Mp1 – FP – OJ – SL – SL2
16 or 20mm

You get following hookbait to match your bait in same size & baitchoice:
1 x hard hookbaits
1 x food source popups
1 x Wafters
1 x food dip

Free shipping

SBM superdeal
2 999 sek

(Save 1217 sek – Normal price incl. shipping: 4216 sek)

100 kg Bait Deal

Choose between:
Mp1 – FP – OJ – SL – SL2
16 or 20mm

You can mix sizes and baits as long as its in multiples of 10kg
Only on pre-order before 1 Februari, for pickup in March/April

Free shipping

SBM superdeal
9 500 sek

(Save 4 500 sek – Normal price incl. shipping: 14 000 sek)

Base mix D.I.Y


Now you too can be a Bait mechanic with our Roll your own Base mix deals.

100% the same ingredients we use on our baits, NOT cut with cheaper bulk ingredients like some other companies do! we offer you the perfect mix to “tweak and pimp” your baits how you like them!

Maybe you want to make your baits stone hard for a crayfish lake, maybe you want ready-made shelf life baits, or maybe you want to add that 2 drops of garlic oil per kilo to the shitty lobster which catches tons of fish on your lake (little tip there!)

A 10kg kit will produce up to 14kg of rolled bait depending on the mix and the way you make it.

Available in SL, SL2, OJ, mp1 and FP mixes.

Mix kits available in multiples of 10kg and include all the liquid you need to roll the whole mix and a little over for boosted glugs or hookbaits!
Rolling instructions and mixing levels are included for reference with every kit.

Mix kit SL
SL Base Kit

10kg SL Base mix
100ml SL liquid

Suggested liquid ratio 5ml per 6 large egg mix, 7ml for very silty lakes.

Top tip
Add crushed black pepper and 1ml garlic oil, and 25ml deep fish for a super autumn bait!

1295 sek

Mix kit OJ
OJ Base Kit

10kg Oj Base Mix
100ml OJ liquid

Suggested liquid ratio 4ml per 6 large egg mix, 5ml for very silty lakes.

Top tip
Adding 5mg citric acid per kg will help keep those crays away!

1295 sek

Mix kit MP1
MP1 Base Kit

10kg MP1 Base Mix
100ml MP1 liquid

Suggested liquid ratio 6ml per 6 large egg mix.

Top tip
Add 15ml Ground nut oil and 2ml almond flavour per kg to give you a more oily summer edge.

1295 sek

Mix kit FP
FP Base Kit

10kg FP base Mix
100ml FP liquid

Suggested Liquid ratio 8ml per 6 large egg mix.

Top Tip
Adding 25ml per kg of Deep fish has been a testers secret!

1295 sek