– Fermented Peach

When a bait is being developed, it´s more than just another boilie, it´s time, energy and hours of work to get it correct. This bait took over 3 years of blood sweat and tears to perfect and almost didn’t make it when we saw the cost to produce such a boilie.
It had to be a bait to fish 365 days of the year, no matter what the water temperature, work against crayfish, be hard enough for a throwing stick and to last long enough with silver fish abundance issues and so we had our work cut out for us…but you know what… WE DID IT!

Utilizing the OJ concepts easy digest mix, with blended marine and milk proteins, we rearranged the levels to reduce the oil content, that what was left has good water solubility and added roughage with a fine seed and bird food blend.
Our concept of active breakdown was enhanced with a premium liver addetive and a mussel meal that works in temperatures below 5 degrees centigrade, enabling the baits performance in the toughest of conditions, all in all the bait has different active ingredients that start to work at variable times and temperatures giving you an extremely versatile bait.
With the easy digest ingredient, the bait will be absorbed into the fishes metabolism very effectively and trigger that this food source is something they will want to feed on time and time again.
The FP liquid is selectively blended from liver extracts and a peach essence derived from fermented fruits, this is the stage where the fruit is at is most active and attractive to living creatures, and enables an instant food recognition response.
With time this bait has become one of SBM’s proudest moments in our bait making history, the test results have blown everybody away and many declare this is the only bait I need.

Available in 16mm, 20mm and 24mm round. All other sizes on request only.
Also to accompany there are Hard Hookbaits, Popups, Wafters and liquid foods.

  • FP Liquid

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  • FP Fluro Popups

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  • FP Popups

    FP Popups

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  • FP Hard Hookbaits

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  • FP Wafters

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  • FP

    FP Shelflife 5 kg

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    FP Freezer 5 kg

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  • Mix kit FP

    FP “D.I.Y” Boilie kit

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