Liquid Liver 1ltr

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Liquid liver Liquid 1litre.

With the ever increasing popularity to make the bait stand out as much as possible, we did not rush to market with just another bulk food liquid, but instead developed a liquid range that we feel adds something to your fishing!

Whether you want to soak baits for long periods or a quick wash over to give them some instant punch these liquids work great!

The liquid liver is not new to most, but this one is not jus another! Searching for that rich liver taste, without any nasty acidic smells, we tested and found the fish went mental for this liquid, hence why it is a major inclusion in the fantastic FP!

Roll it into your baits, add it to your boilies then let it to sticky and then add some crush boilie.. or let your floaters absorb it in for some insane summer surface fishing!

Ideal for boilies, groundbaits, spod mixes and floating hookbaits to give them that all important slick!


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1000 ml


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