MP1 “D.I.Y” Boilie kit

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MP1 (Milk Protein complex Grade 1) Do it yourself , self roll kit

The Testing of Team SBM soon showed we needed to create a true cold water bait for our range, our all year baits work fantastic but sometimes when fishing in water temperatures almost unthinkable to fish in, we decided to create something that could work down to freezing point!

10kg kit includes 10kg Base mix and 100ml of MP1 Liquid, enough to roll yourself 14kg of freshly rolled boilie!

50kg kit includes 50kg base mix and 250ml of MP1 Liquid, enough to roll yourself 70kg of freshly rolled boilie!

100kg kit includes 100kg Base mix and 500ml of MP1 Liquid, enough to roll yourself 140kg of freshly rolled boilie!

With an Array of Milk proteins, Ground Nuts, cream stimulant and our fantastic feed stim, we started to create the most advanced milk protein we had seen, we pushed it so hard to a point it was almost impossible to roll or fish and then tweaked it through three years of vigorous testing until we got it perfect. With a blend of emulsified essential oils, and winter active liquids this creamy aromatic bait sends out food signals in super low temperatures, with fast digestive aid but maintaining maximum protein contact to aid fish growth.

This bait has out-fished its rivals, and still surprises us when it will fish hard against any fishmeal during the summer.

The MP1 is our chosen cold water bait and we are proud to have it among our bait line up available to you.

Also to accompany there are Hard Hook baits, Popups and Wafters!

recommended liquid dose:

3ml per 6 large egg mix, or up to 6ml for very silty stinky bottoms!

Top tip, roll in 50ml of Deep fish pr 1kg mix, adding super attraction and making the bait slightly harder again if nuisance fish or crayfish are an issue!

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100kg kit, 10kg Kit, 50kg kit


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