OJ Shelflife 5 kg

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OJ (Orange Juice)

Every year the team behind SBM is developing and testing new baits, and sometimes one stands out from the rest!

Now available in a shelflife stabilised version, ideal for people with limited freezer space, or those long hot summer sessions, to have some bait in the back of the car, or to ensure your bait is sat waiting on the bottom for longer periods of time for low stocked venues!

From the start the “new bait” or as we now call it “OJ” showed fantastic results both in sweden and abroad and with a tendancy to pick out the bigger fish!. With over six different versions tested we finally came to a decision, and it is a truly outstanding food bait!

Based on our new easy digest mix containing a blend of marine and milk proteins, SBM has created a perfect bait that has a steady release of attractors and a slow release and breakdown of natural ingredients.

With generous dose’s of the finest extracts you can imagine, betaines, squid extracts and defatted Green lip mussel from New Zealand, this creates an optimum, unrivaled food source for the fish, benefitting both in health and growth rates.
The “OJ” is full of amino, liptid acids and easily digested proteins that keeps the carp coming back for more! One of the secrets of this bait Is SBMs liqud attractor package, as the base is allready bursting with attraction, we only add a suttle, exact amount of liquids so the baits food profile is not engulfed, meaning they enhance each other perfectely.

It is formulated with citric acids, essential oils, liquid squid extracts and emmulsifiers to increase the baits effectiveness in cold water making this an all year round classic food bait.

Available in 18mm
Also to accompany there are Hard Hookbaits, Popups, Wafters and Mathing liquids!

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