Skwidz Fluoro Popups

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Flavour identity: Spicy blend of Squid and octopus with a secret essential oil compound!

All SBM popups are rolled with our High buoyancy popup mix created to give you the best hook bait needed for popup presentations. We have chosen carefully our attraction blends through many days changing and tweaking and of course testing, to give you what we feel is the best available for that all important hook bait.

With a control leakage design these stay buoyant and attractive for over 24hrs of use with the correct hook size.

Fluoro skwidz are the answer for  many anglers who love a real stinky smelling bait, one that still works in cold water but also great with fishmeal baits in summer, and although we tested many coloues, the classic “Pink ‘n’ whites” one the day and combined on one pot you allways have both on hand!

Our range of Popups will catch not just your attention, but many, many fish, with Triple flavour levels and consistent dye levels to keep you ahead for quality baits.

All Popups are available in 15mm and 18mm, these sizes we feel cover 99% of an anglers needs.

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15mm, 18mm


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