SL2 Shelflife 5 kg

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SL2 (Shitty Lobster Reformed)

The bait so many have spoken about – Since its test stages in 2011 and 2012 it has been the go to bait for many anglers year in and year out, Now available in a shelflife stabilised version, ideal for people with limited freezer space, or those long hot summer sessions, to have some bait in the back of the car, or to ensure your bait is sat waiting on the bottom for longer periods of time for low stocked venues!

How to improve on an already fantastic bait? It was not easy but we have managed to tweak the original SL and give it a slightly different food profile, and again create something truly unique.

We took an already perfect base and set about making some changes, we added more silt buster and feed enhancer palatant, whey gel and adjusted the levels of soluble fish proteins. This has in turn made the bait slightly harder than the original SL and so lends itself well to lakes with lots of nuisance and long range baiting without compromising the H.N.V of the bait.
Then we added a blend of premium grade spices and the base was completed, a more spicy Sl was born!
Some baits stand out from the crowd and the SL2 has become a well know name in Scandinavia for producing the bigger fish year in year out.

But then we got hold of the liquids! With a nice tweak to our secret SL liquid, we have made the aroma and food release signals simply stunning! The bait is smooth to taste, slow release on attractants and provides large amounts of vitamins and nutrients the fish require, hence making another fantastic SBM fresh thinking food bait.

Available in 18mm
Also to accompany there are Hard Hook baits, Popups and Wafters!

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