WS Fluoro Wafter Dumbells 12 x 16mm

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White Secret Wafters

SBM has had wafting hookbait for many years, it is well known that some tricky fish do not mouth the baits like others and a critically balanced hookbait is the only way to trick them up.

Our Flouro wafters utilise neutrally buoyant base mix blend with flouro colours and a tripple dose of liquid attractor with the added buoyancy over a standard bottom bait to counter balance the hook weight.

This creates a slow sinking effect and enters fast into the mouth of the feeding fish when fished with a suitable hooksize. These can be devasting when fished over large beds of boilies, as single glugged hookbaits in the winter or deadly in a solid bag presentation!

12 x 16mm size with a Flouro White and the insane White secret attractor package!

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12 x 16mm White


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