Shitty Lobster

SL (Shitty Lobster)

SL was developed along time ago by a group of select carp anglers in england, trying to make a bait different from the everyday baits available at the time, and the result was outstanding!

Over the last 10 years adjustments have been made to the bait, due to advances in fishmeal production and availability of finer ingredients, the result is SL has become one of the best baits at tricking those cautious and hard to catch fish. SL is a true high quality food source that sends out an abundance of food signals that the fish are quick to respond to and locate where the food is, which shocking results all over europe indicating we have made something a little bit special!

SL is rolled on SBMS “deep red mix”, which is formulated on a red fishmeal base, utilising the finest fish and crustacean meals that exist, Including pre digested salmon and low temp fishmeals together with a blend of premium grade extracts including, antartic krill and green lipped mussel among others.
To aid in digestion and leakage we have included optimal levels of robin red and fine textured bird foods along with egg albumin to increase protein content and give a better textured bait.

The SL liquid attractors is where the secret lies, it has been formulated with Red salmon oil, liquid livers and SBMs secret SL liquid formula, thus creating a smooth palatable food bait signal, without a punchy bitter aftertaste that is normal in alot of other baits of this kind.

Since its release in sweden the SL has accounted for Personal bests when ever used, and turnt over and unlocked lakes that have be renownded as “head bangers!”, we are proud to say SL is one of the finest baits we have created, and will allways be a part of SBMs product range.
In SL we trust!

Available in 16mm, 20mm and 24mm round. All other sizes on request only.
Also to accompany there are Hard Hookbaits, Popups and Wafters!