Håkan Olsen


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Håkan Olsen

Born: 2 august 1983
Hometown: alingsås (50km north of gothenburg)
Years carpfishing: 2003-

Personal Bests:

Swedish Mirror: 25,5kg
Swedish Common: 14,82kg
Foreign Mirror: ca 12kg
Foreign Common: ca 14kg

Favourite Bait:

Depends on the time of year but a mix of MP1 and SL2 with a SL2 washed out pink pop up is a favorite.

Favourite Method:

Boilie fishing at short range 0-30 meter.

Favourite Venue:

Härlanda Tjärn

It all started with standard Swedish lure fishing for perch and pike as a youngster. In mid to late teens it kind of took another direction when i started reading some smal articles about how to improve the results. I saw a big change on my results and I think from that days I was a serious angler, far from to be saved from the normal non fishing society. In the late teens i also found a lot of new fishing friends and they showed me specimen fishing,  something that i really got hooked of. Since those days I have competed in both Svenska Specimentävlingen and Västsvenska Specimentävlingen. Many great memories and of something that really pushed the learning curve a lot. The carp fishing first came in about 2003 for me and it was a night I will remember for a long time. We where 5 anglers from the club having a carp session in Ballasjön, I was certainly one of the carp noddy back then but I had 3 bites and landed 2 of them that very first night. And then it just continued from there.

It’s hard to single out one thing that I love the most with carp fishing. The thing may be that its so versatile and that there is something for everyones need. Whenever it is the challenge of a really tricky lake, an absolute cracker of a target fish, a extremely beautiful environment, or a really great social atmosphere around the lake and between the anglers. However I do really like when that buzzer goes of and I lean into something heavy and angry.

When it comes to my strength as an carp angler I think my main advantage is in my head. Not the 6th sense or anything like that but when I set up a goal I first trie to found out what kind of effort I will have to put in to reach the goal. For example if your lake is crowded in the weekends, put your self together and do the mid weak sessions between work. If the fish are pushed to the other end of the lake and it’s free because no one is wiling to do the long walk, just do it. The more easy fix you can find in your angling the more ahead you will be to the rest. Hook sharpening for example. Don’t take so much effort to do it, and to always have the sharpest hook you can, will give you some extra % in your favor to land the next carp. Have the best bait you can buy is also one easy fix. If you always tries to found out where all these little extra % is and then always try to make the effort to earn that % you will soon see a big change in results.

One of my favorite memories in carp fishing must be when a caught Brorsan from Härlanda, at the time it was the gothenburg record at 17,22 kg. I did dream about that fish for many many years before i caught it. Brorsan is probably the hardest fish to catch of all my big carp I have caught over the years. Sometimes it’s not all about the weight, more often I think its the journey to the goals that makes the best memories.