Henrik Berntsson


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Henrik Berntsson

Hometown: Gothenburg
Years carpfishing: Started carping 1989

Personal Bests:

Swedish Mirror: 20,7kg
Swedish Common: 15,42kg
Foreign Mirror: 34,9kg
Foreign Common: 24,85kg

Favourite Bait:

Shitty Lobster 2 (SL2)

Favourite Method:

Close range short sessions

Favourite Venue:

Anywhere in italy

What i like about Carpfishing? The Carp and the hunting for them, the bivvie life and all friends i got during the years.

I dont know what my Biggest strengths in carp fishing are… just fishing! Ok, to be there at the right time, the feeling when the fish are going for the bait, depending on the wheather , time of year… Its just a strong feeling when its the right time, a sixth sense!

Something i have learnt recentely is how much i hate baitboats, but if i must i have to do it, we all enjoy fishing in a different way!
I love to fish all sorts of lakes and have fished many different types all over europe, lakes like inland seas and small imitate lakes, and i love them all!

I have many fishing achivments, There are so many during the years, but one special session in Kroppkärr was awesome. I was there for the first time ever and managed to catch the lake Record at 20.2kg and one at 17kg. This was a very big deal as it was the first 20kg fish from an open (not syndicate) water in sweden!

I Just grow up into fishing, my father was fishing at the coast and so i would follow, it was natural for me to continue and fish…its in my blood!
I try to go once a week, plus the foriegn trips once a year one to three weeks at a time, so i do manage to go alot. But even if i cant do a whole day or weekend i like to do a morning session on a local lake, keeping me intune and fishing is very important.

See you on the bank some time.