Jörgen Lind


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Jörgen Lind

Born: 6 Juli 1976
Hometown: Kristianstad
Years carpfishing: Started carp fishing 1990.

Personal Bests:

Swedish Mirror: 17,12kg
Swedish Common: 16kg
Foreign Mirror: Mirror 32,35kg
Foreign Common: 30,5kg

Favourite Bait:

Shitty Lobster (SL)

Favourite Method:

Bolies approach

Favourite Venue:

Rainbow Lake

I love everything about carp fishing, my alarm clock going off an hour before first light, coffee on and sit watching the water as nature comes to life with the sunrise. You can learn so much about a water by just watching, taking time to focus on where the fish feed and there habits, unlocking the code!

I even like the preperation for each new water, location and prebaiting it all goes together for a new mission and when fishing not knowing how big the fish go to in the lake, getting that first run lifting the rod and feeling the line keep going off the spool… its magic.

From my own evalutaion i would say my strengths in carp fishing is my dedication, i love to be spontanious and go when i see the weather is good. As i have fished a large variety of venues i also would say i am prepared to fish a large bredth of water, from tiny ponds to inland seas!

My preffered fishing is on large open swedish waters, more wild and unknown and pioneering. A moderately large lake where I have access to a boat , a boat is not a necessity for me , but it helps enormously in large baiting campaigns when going down quickly after work!,

In europe i only want to fish for the biggest fish and focus on lakes such as Graviers and Rainbow, its nice to fish for the biggest, even world records!
One of my fondest carp fishing memorys is Shoulders from Abbey lakes. I had lost a really heavy powerful fish the first morning from my ner margin but luckily it wastn shoulders, i landed her shortly after!

And in sweden one of my favourite fish was from henrikstorp, a fish called Turbo at 16 kg where i had three fish in a morning up to 17,2kg, actually my first session at the venue! I started fishing from a very young age, fishing the local rivers and lakes, allmost any wking minute i could get away from home, mostly for trout, pike and perch, it was really fun times!

Year to year my angling time changes but i really try to get out every weekend if possile, normally 40-50 nights a year in sweden and at least 2-3 weeks in europe per year, so its a fair amount of time spent on the bank. For me its imortant to get out as much as possible, so i can keep in contact with the water and stay ahead, keep dropping in the good food and then the bites should come steadily!