Mattias Berglund


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Mattias Berglund

Born: Kristianstad
Hometown: Limhamn, Malmö
Years carpfishing: Started carpfishing 1989

Personal Bests:

Swedish Mirror: 24,35 kg
Swedish Common: 21,3 kg
Foreign Mirror: 30,5 kg
Foreign Common: 34,4 kg

Favourite Bait:

SL2 and MP1

Favourite Method:

Popups/wafters over scattered baits.

Favourite Venue:

Big open waters

I have been fishing since I was 5 when I got my first fishing rod and ABU Abumatic by my dad. The first few years it was mainly pike and perch, but at the age of 10 I started to raise my eyes more and more for the specimen after primarily bream, tench, heritage and roach.

The carp entered my life’s first as a 15 year old when some sporadic trips were made. However, it was only when I turned 18 and got a driver’s license and a car that it really escalated. A whole new world opened up! In principle, all the money and all the time went to fishing and to refuel the car in the hunt and search for carp. I was really stuck and fished almost exclusively for carp.

In 1994, on my way to becoming 20 years old, I spent my birthday in France at Lac Du Der and Lac Du Orient during my first trip abroad, and then had the fortune to succeed in landing my first 20 kilos from the Orient. Since then, there have been numerous trips to Europe in search of monster carp, not least to my absolute favorite lake in France, Lac Du Cassien. A water that nothing else can measure against according to me and a water where I in 2007 had the luck to catch a magical fish of 30.5 kilos.

Here in Sweden I fish on average 1-2 nights / week during April-October. For the past 10-12 years I have almost exclusively fished with only boilies since the benefits are many. I usually tend to fish medium-sized to large waters where through history I know that large carp swim. For me, fishing for large unknown carp is the ultimate in carp fishing.

Getting a part of SBM is an honor and I have since day one I tested SL2 been completely convinced that a better bait is not available for my type of fishing. Focus and time can then be put on how and where the carp can be caught, which together with a really good bait is the key to success.