Sam Wyatt


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Sam Wyatt

Born: January 1983
Hometown: Street somerset England
Years carpfishing: Since i could hold a rod.

Personal Bests:

UK mirror: 34lb
Uk common: 28lb
Foreign mirror: 55lb
Foreign common: 45lb

Favourite Bait:

Orange Juice (OJ)

Favourite Method:

Fishing over large spread of boilie.

Favourite Venue:

Chard reservoir

Carp fishing for me has changed over the years, what with family etc. I have stopped chasing the named fish and the biggest and now enjoy day sessions on various waters testing myself to catch on the day i have in front of me, this can be a small syndicate or a large windswept gravelpit, as long as it holds nice looking fish..i will fish it!

My biggest strength is preperation, i love to be ready and allways have enough bait in the freezer, my tackle ready to go so within 30 minutes i can be home and off down the road fishing!
I have allways felt more comfrotable fishing intimate venues, quiet stlking or laying traps in the edge, this is where i tend to find myself more than often, i enjoy the tranquility of it.

I would never say i have caught my dream fish, as i dont think i ever will, i enjoy seeing what comes along and love every fish individually. Although it is always nice to top your PB once in a while.

For the forseeable future i will be doing local waters, small quick overnighters and day sessions, keeping the bobbins moving, and who knows maybe some river or canal carp may end up on the matt also!

For me its important to focus on what you can do best at any one given time, i have less time to so use what i do have well, i stay confident in my tackle and baits and that is the most important thing to me. I know that when i grab out that bag of bait, its just me that has to put it where the fish want to eat!